Digital 3D Earthwork Takeoff Data for your estimating

3D Earthwork Takeoff Data

Our Estimate Packages will include three types of documents that can provide you with accurate Cut and Fill data for you estimates. They will also include subsurface strata information from Drill Hole, when a soils report is available.

1. Perspective Image

.We have the latest software to perform Cut and Fill calculations and also have the experience to construct complicated 3D surfaces for estimating and Machine Quality TIN files for machine control if needed.







2. Cut and Fill Images and PDF Documents.

Our Image Documents give you more visual data so you can see where the actual cut and fill areas are. With this document a PDF will give specific data on the cut and fill quantities.










3. Paving Plans and Material Quantity Reports

Paving documents include a plan with the Paving Plan and Legend in color to help identify the paving area, and a PDF document that provides the Unit Quantities of the Paving Areas, such as Area, C.Y., Tons, Material Weights, etc,